Why Choose Madina ?

 The Aim

Our teachers who are graduated and well-qualified in Islamic Theology ensure that the principles, morals, teachings, and the culture of Islam as per the Holy Qur’an are ideally propagated to each and every student. The fundamental aim of the Islamic curriculum here is to develop individuals who will play a role in building and developing a society which features Unity, Compassion, Equality, and Respect for each other. This is done first through the individual’s behavioral and spiritual development.

Objectives of Islamic Education
At MIMHS, we aim the student to achieve the following qualities

• God-Conscious
• Having a specific and ideal goal in life
• Knowledge of the true meaning of every aspect learned
• Ethical, Moral, Disciplined, and Passionate
• Respect towards people and nature

The Islamic Curriculum
MIMHS makes it a primary objective to enable students achieve ideal next generation leader qualities with positive attitude, great vision, morals, ethics, and exceptional behavioral traits that make them role-models to many other individuals across the globe. To achieve that, we encourage students to learn each and every subject from the Islamic context and help them master the following Islamic subjects.

  • Deeniyaat
  • Tajweed
  • Seerah of Mohammed (ﷺ).
  • Basic Duas.
  • Understanding the Quran